Welcome to MoonHealing

I’ve found that the key to life truly is compassion. Not only for others, yourself as well. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to come in contact with spiritual beings that have helped me on my journey to happiness. It is a true pleasure for me to pass these gifts onto you in faith that you too will learn and feel the epitome of self-love that I have achieved. The transition varies from person to person. Not all have the same out come. Sometimes it may take one or two sessions. Some feel it right away. Some may feel it in a month or two. It all depends on the individual being. I find that some have a hard time accepting love and out right refuse it. It is understandable that this is just where they are in their journey.

I provide a variety of different methods to help you with this process that you may use separately or combined.

I look forward to helping you enhance your happiness.

"Encourage your loved ones to be happy being themselves... not what you'd love them to be"

-Moon Linge